Goodbye, Long Hair!

After having long hair for 20+ years, yesterday I decided it was time for a change.

So far reactions have been mostly positive. As soon as he saw me E's eyes got really big and he exclaimed, "Wow, your hair looks so good! I like it!" (He's going to make someone a great husband one day.) My sister Jan and cousin Young Shin, who were babysitting the kids for me, said they like it. According to Young Shin, who just moved here from Korea, it makes me look "like a New Yorker." And N thought it looked cute.

But poor Mimi kept looking at me in confusion and then looking around the room and back to me until she scrunched up her face and cried like her heart was broken. Poor thing. But as you can see, she got over it.

After having long hair since I was a kid it feels strange to have it so short I can't even put it in a pony tail. But so far I really like it--no regrets! I'm kind of a beauty/fashion newbie so I'm sure there will be a bit of a learning curve to getting the hang of styling it. But I already feel more put together.