Letter to Mimi: Months Nine, Ten, & Eleven

Dear Mimi,

First off, I know. And I'm sorry. Despite what your brother may tell you, it doesn't mean we love you any less--honestly!

The main purpose of these letters is to record all the little things that otherwise would be lost in the daily grind of life with small kids but the last few months went by especially fast.

It's a shame that I didn't get those letters written because you grew a lot these last few months. Back in October you were still very much a baby. It was fun to dress you up for Halloween and cart you around. It's strange to think that next year you'll be walking around on your own.

It's amazing to me how quickly you're changing. Back when you started solid food it took you a few weeks before you even wanted anything to do with it. But now you've got the hang of it and you want to eat EVERYTHING.

In the mornings I plop you in your high chair while I fix breakfast and your eyes follow me around the kitchen with such intensity that it makes me laugh. You smack your lips in anticipation and kick your little legs in excitement. And heaven help us all if your brother gets his food before you do because you are not shy about standing up for yourself.

Luckily you like mostly everything we've given you: green beans, ravioli, potstickers, roast chicken, yogurt, samosas, bulgogi, roast squash, hummas, and guacamole to name a few. You've liked everything except for bananas--you hate bananas.

With your brother's food allergies we were worried that you might have allergies too. I've been avoiding dairy/eggs/nuts/peanuts while nursing you but we recently had you tested for food allergies. For now it seems that you're allergy-free! It was such a relief.

Without fail you want to try whatever I eat and I can't describe how wonderful it is to be able to be able give you a taste without worrying if it will make you sick. But at the same time it makes my heart ache a little bit more for your poor brother.

Regarding other milestones, you were a little late learning to crawl. For months you got around by scooting backwards and then by slowly creeping forward on your tummy. But in the last few weeks you've master forward locomotion and now if I turn my head for a second you're off and getting into trouble. I can tell that you're going to keep me on my toes.

It's so exciting to watch you grow into your own person. You bring so much joy into our family. We all love you so much, sweet Mimi.