Poor Mimi

Yesterday was an EPIC FAIL, parenting wise.

I had gotten the kids ready to get in the car when I remembered I wanted to grab a cd. Mimi was happily playing with a drawer of Tupperware lids so I dashed down the 5 stairs to our family room. I was grabbing the cd from the shelf when I hear Mimi's little knees crawling across the floor towards the stairs. I turned just in time to catch her as she starts tumbling down the stairs, but a second too late to stop her from bonking her head on the corner of the banister.

It doesn't look that bad in the photo but she immediately got a huge goose egg which freaked me out. I used my cell to have a video call with N so he could weigh in on whether I should take her to the doctor but Mimi was fine after she calmed down; no signs of a concussion.

Then later that afternoon Mimi was playing in the Tupperware drawer again while I tidied up the kitchen. I turned my back for ten seconds and she got into the dishwasher packets under the sink. And bit into one. I rinsed out her mouth and gave her some water and called Poison Control who said she would be fine, which she was.

I felt TERRIBLE, like the biggest failure ever--I didn't keep my baby safe.

If there's a positive side to this it's that it has inspired me to buckle down and get the rest of the cabinets painted and put back together so I can put baby locks on all of them. Gah.

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