Saturday Adventures

Normally we keep things pretty low-key on Saturdays but this weekend we were crazy busy. 

In the morning E and I checked out a neighbor's garage sale and he was so excited by the experience that we decided to drive around and see if we could find any other sales, which we did. I scored a nice craft book and a pair of shoes and E got some art supplies. 

When we got home we picked up N and Mimi and went out for brunch.  Thus fortified we visited the children's farm by our house where E fed the goats and sheep and rode on a pony and Mimi checked out the animals from her stroller.

When we got home Mimi was pretty zonked so we left her and N at the house and E and I went to the rec center so I could renew my membership.  We didn't know about it beforehand, but they were having "Member Day" so E scored a few free balloons and was accosted by a friendly mascot.

Next we went grocery shopping.  E wanted to be a "helper" and pushed a kid cart around the store and I chanted "walk SLOWLY!" like it was a mantra.

That evening N and I went on a date down to the old Food4Less in Spanish Fork to watch a roller derby bout with friends.  It was so awesome.  We chatted with some of the girls afterward and they tried to recruit my friend Erica and me to come to their "fresh meat" tryouts.  (Hahaha!)

After the bout we decided that since we were already down south a visit to Cracker Barrel was in order.

Yep, all that AND fried okra.  --EPIC.

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