Act of God

In our backyard we have a big 50-foot willow tree which shades half of our yard, always nice during the summer. But today during an intense wind storm I heard a sharp"crraaack!" and when I looked out the window I saw this:

The tree split right down the middle.  I don't think the rest of it is salvageable and it will probably have to be cut down--I have a tree service coming to look at it tomorrow.

I'm sad about losing the tree but I'm grateful that no one was hurt and that nothing else was destroyed.  The kids and I have been spending a lot of time in the yard lately and when I think about what would have happened if we had been out there...*shivers*  (I know that we would never have been outside during such a crazy storm, still.)

It really did fall in the most perfect way possible, any other direction and it would have torn into the house or wrecked the fence.

And on a somewhat related note, we're having tile installed tomorrow to replace the carpet that had to be ripped up with our toilet overflowed.  So no more walking around on rough plywood. Huzzah!

I am going to get this house put back together if it kills me.  When our toilet overflowed the drywall in our family room (directly underneath the bathroom) had to be ripped up/drilled into to let the moisture out and the drywall repairs were so extensive that now we need to repaint the entire room.  But I am not even going to think about it for at least a few weeks.  Removing the giant sideways tree from my backyard has jumped to the top of my list.

Ah, the manifold joys of homeownership.