Our Fourth

It wasn't all out-of-control fires and mandatory evacuations around here this week: N and I got to see The Beach Boys in concert!

For our anniversary back in May I gave N tickets to Stadium of Fire, this big concert/fireworks show they put on every year in BYU's football stadium. There were a few musical acts, including one of the American Idol winners (Scotty something) but they reason we went was to see the Beach Boys.  N is a big fan and I think they're great too.

When I was a teenager I kept the radio in my car set on the oldies station and so it was incredible to actually see and hear them play all these songs that have been ingrained in my brain for so long.  A few of band looked a little frail, especially Brian Wilson, but they sounded amazing.

As part of our pre-concert festivities N's mom helped E make a flag cake: 

It was awesome.

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