Forgetful Tooth Fairy

Yesterday morning E lost a tooth, his third.  We put it in a baggie and I told him he could put it under his pillow for the tooth fairy that night. 

Normally our weekday evenings are pretty routine but last night I took a friend out to dinner to celebrate her birthday and then when I got home N and I spent time picking what movies we wanted to see at the Sundance film festival so I ended going to bed a little later than normal.

And N and I totally forgot about the tooth fairy.

I didn't realize our mistake until the first thing E did when he woke up was reach under his pillow and pull out the baggie with his tooth in it.  I felt horrible. 

Trying to salvage the situation I snuck into our room, grabbed the gold dollar coin I had set aside earlier, and went back to E's room and slipped it under his pillow.  Then I suggested E double check under his pillow.  Lo and behold! 

After he found the coin I nonchalantly suggested that the tooth fairy must have dropped the tooth or forgotten to take it but that she must have realized her mistake and would come back for it tonight.  E was so excited about his dollar that he seemed unfazed about the tooth fairy missing out on her end of the bargain.


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