Raspberries and Lavender

The beach condo my family stayed out was on the Olympic peninsula and about 10 minutes away from the small town of Sequim. It's a great little town. Because it's in the rainshadow of the mountains it receives a lot less rain that the surrounding areas. The climate is great for growing things, especially lavender.

While we were in Sequim we stopped by Graysmarsh Farm to pick some raspberries and buy some lavender. E had a fun time roaming up and down and rows and eating handfuls of raspberries.

E examines the raspberries.

When he got bored with the berries he entertained himself with some of the handy sticks lying around.

Everyone enjoyed feeding E berries and he was more than happy to keep eating and eating and eating them.
(During the next 24 hours he had four poopy diapers. It was insane.)

I had never seen such huge raspberries before. They were incredible.

We ended up with two big buckets of berries. We ate one of them and then froze the rest.

By the time we were finished everyone was tired and E was tired AND grimy. But everyone had had a good time.

Besides berries, the farm also grows lavender. Because they don't have a fancy gift shop their prices on bulk lavender were a lot better than some of the other local farms ($15 for a gallon bag instead of $25 at other places). If you're interested in visiting the farm they have a website with details on their growing schedule.

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