Watching Veronica Mars

Since I've been stuck at home with the baby I've been watching more TV lately. In the first few months after E was born I burned through the complete Jeeves & Wooster (loved it!), Firefly (liked it a lot), and Gilmore Girls (sometimes I liked it but sometimes it made me want to smash my head against a wall).

Picking a show to watch when I'm up early with the baby is a bit tricky because it needs to be 1) something not horrible and 2) something that N isn't interested in watching with me. Since we have fairly similar tastes it can be a little difficult to find something. Right now I'm working my way through Veronica Mars.

I've seen about 12 episodes so far and I'm enjoying it quite a bit. Kristen Bell plays Veronica Mars, a 17 year-old girl trying to solve the murder of her best friend. Her dad's a private detective and she helps him out on cases and solves other mysteries on her own. The writing is decent and since Netflix has the entire series available via streaming I can watch an episode whenever I want which is convenient.

I also get a kick out of the face that Kristen Bell looks quite a bit like my friend and neighbor Stephanie.
Pretty similar, right? Stephanie is an intrepid Girl Reporter in her own right - she's a Health Department inspector and gives us the skinny on the local restaurants to avoid. Apparently she's going to be on the local news (FOX 13) tonight at 9 pm. Here's a preview of the story.

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