Mr. Sandman part 2 and E.

I think our float turned out pretty well. Mr. Sandman lost one of the shells from his mouth during the trip to the parade grounds, but other than that he survived unscathed. Now he's sitting in my living room but I'm afraid he doesn't quite fit the decor. I don't know what to do with him other than prying off the sunglasses I glued to his head and chucking him into the trash. I have to admit that I got a little *sniff* attached to the guy. If anyone here in Utah can think of a good use for him, they can have him, sunglasses and all.

Since we got back from Oregon things have been pretty hectic with N.'s parents leaving for Korea, my helping with the parade float, and E.'s double ear infection. Yep, E. has a bad double ear infection. I didn't mention it before because I was hoping it would clear up and I'm sure that everyone is sick of hearing about E.'s various ailments. But it hasn't cleared up yet (and so you get to hear about it. Try to contain your excitement!)

It started with the cold that E. and I caught back at the end of May. E. developed a double ear infection from the cold and before we went to Oregon he took a round of oral antibiotics. His recovery didn't seem quite as dramatic as the doctor said it would, but he did seem to be feeling better and so I didn't take him back in for a check up before we left (foolish, foolish, Faith!) I thought the problem was fixed.

E. was really good on the drive to Oregon (even over the mountain passes) and for the first few days. But by the end of the week he was waking up 3 or 4 times a night crying and generally feeling worn out. But he was still really good on the drive back.

I took him back in to the doctor the Monday after we got home (the 16th) and his ears were infected pretty badly. So that week he had three shots of rocephin, which is pretty much the strongest antibiotic that the pediatrician uses. The shots were pretty painful.

Fast forward to last Monday when I took him back for a follow-up. The rocephin hadn't worked and his ears are still really infected. Our doctor referred us to an ear/nose/throat doctor that we're going to go see today. I'm a little worried about him having to have tubes in his ears. He just seems too little to be put under general anesthesia but everyone I've talked to that have had it done says it solves the problem. This is E.'s first persistent ear infection though, so I don't know if it's warrented. N.'s taking off from work a little early so he can go to the appointment too. I guess we'll just have to see what our options are.

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