For E's Hair

When E was little we learned that he had very, very, very, sensitive skin. His eczema is pretty much under control now but he still has some patches of cradle cap. I've tried a bunch of different things and have found that these California Baby products work well for him.

I use the fragrance-free Super Sensitive shampoo and the lavender-scented Calming conditioner on him. The conditioner in particular seems to help his cradle-cap; it keeps his scalp moisturized so it doesn't get scabby. So far it's the only scented product I've been able to use on E and I love the way it smells. If it didn't cost so much I'd probably use it too.

Target sells the shampoo and conditioner for about $10 and this week the shampoo is on sale for $7.99. They're expensive as kids' products go, but I think they're worth it if your kids have very sensitive skin. And they last forever. I've been using them on E for six months now and still have 4/5ths of each bottle left.

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