A Revelation

Do you remember my garden? Despite being neglected for almost 3 weeks when I was out of town we're starting to harvest some tasty things. So far these have been my favorite.Baby beets!

Do you like beets? When I was a kid my dad liked the canned pickled variety which never interested me. But over the last few years I've had beets in various dishes at one of my favorite local restaurants and I've fallen hard for them, particularly when they're roasted. Roasted baby beets taste so fresh and sweetly earthy.

Since the greens were kind of scabby (see: 4 weeks of neglect) I didn't use them. After I cut off the tops (leaving behind about 2 inches of the stems so the beets wouldn't bleed their juices out) I wrapped the beets in foil and roasted them in the oven for about an hour. Once they cooled I peeled off their skins, sliced them, and then added them to a variation of this salad.

I added chunks of avocado and served it with fresh greens instead of cooked ones. It was delicious AND I got the added bonus of feeling virtuous since beets are so good for you. Win-win!

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